5 Qualities to Look For In Calgary Roofers

Do you want to hire Calgary roofers? Calgary, Alberta province, Canada, has many roofing contractors. That means you need to know factors to look for when hiring them. Keep in mind that your roof is an important part of your house. Roofing repairs or replacements are costly investments. Natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes also make roofing repairs necessary.

You need to hire reliable contractors who will respond fast to your calls. You also don’t want to hire storm chasers. These are roofers who are only interested in making quick cash after natural disasters. Fortunately, this post gives you 5 qualities to look for when hiring Calgary roofers.

Permits and Licenses

  • When hiring Calgary roofers, you should make sure they have licenses. The best roofers ensure they have these certificates, even if they cost significant amounts of money to get.
  • If you fail to have them, you risk paying fines and penalties to your local authority. That’s because it required by law to obtain them before carrying our roofing repairs.

Physical Addresses

  • You should also hire companies with physical addresses within Calgary city. That’s because you need to be sure they are Calgary roofers.
  • Some dishonest roofers tend to disappear after initial payments. It means you need those that you can find whenever you need to hire them or ask questions.


  • Make sure they have both workers’ and business compensation insurance. That’s because you are the homeowner. In the event of injuries or damages arising out of roofing works, you will be the one to pay if these companies don’t have insurance covers.
  • One way to be sure they have covers is to ask for proof of insurance. You can also call the listed providers on their insurance certificates if in doubt.


  • Ask for roofing guarantees. That’s because reputable roofing contractors know they provide quality services.
  • They also use products that come with warranties from their manufacturers. Consider hiring those that offer at least a one-year warranty on their roofing jobs.


  • The best Calgary roofers should also have recommendations from their previous clients. You can check out their online reviews on their websites.
  • Reputable companies should have positive online reviews. You should also consider contacting these customers. That will enable you to know how they rated the roofing company.

What to Do

  • Ask your friends, relatives or colleagues for referrals on Calgary roofers. That’s because they may have their favorite roofing companies. They have reputations to protect. That means you will get quality services.
  • Ask for written estimates. That will allow you to plan your budget.
  • You can also check their Better Business Bureau BBB rating. It ensures you only get to hire companies with good business practices.


Hiring Calgary roofers should be easier using the above guide. Check your budget estimates and contact roofers with physical addresses in Calgary city.