When Andy Wilkin washed up on the shores of Canada in the late twenty-oughts, he’d come from a place far across the globe where superior coffee roasters were abundant, top shelf cafes lined the streets, and great baristas roamed the land. That place was called Te Aro, New Zealand.

With his homeland as inspiration and armed with a vision (and the ability to work on small amounts of sleep), Andy got to work. An old Lesliville car garage morphed into a roastery, a parking lot became a café patio, and Andy himself turned into a certified Q Grader, SCAA Cupping Judge, and master roaster. And thus Te Aro Roasted came to be, DOB May 2009. Since then, beans have scored top ratings from Coffee Review, and are now being brewed in Toronto’s best cafes and restaurants.

Here’s the formula: A 24kg Diedrich Roaster, a team of serious coffee nerds with resolute work ethics and prodigious palates, and an unflagging dedication to track down the world’s best green beans. We import them at their seasonal peak, then roast them in small batches and blend them with care, precision, and a whole lotta love. We dig long-term, long-distance relationships with our importer and growers, because we like to know the people behind our coffee, and we’re not afraid of commitment.

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