Brazil DeLarisse Lot 25

Single Origin

Te Aro

Last year we had an exclusive lot from Ruvaldo Delarisse's famed "Plains of Iron" farm. This coffee got a lot of traction and was very versatile, working quite nicely in our Big Bro and standing on its own as a single origin. It was so spectacular, in fact, that one of our baristas chose it as his coffee for the regional competition last year, earning him a place in the Nationals.

We are proud to announce that Delarisse is back! In a different form, to be clear, but the attention to detail and expertise of Mr. Delarisse's operation are in full play again. Andy was able to visit the man himself in Brazil last year, and what he saw so impressed him that he just had to secure some more beans.

This lot is a pulped natural process, rather than the fully natural we had last year, so expect a little more acidity and complexity in the cup, with spicy notes and the characteristic dark fruit tones with caramel.


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