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Compatible with the Encore, Maestro Plus, Virtuoso and Preciso, the Baratza Esatto is an innovative attachment that will let you operate your grinder using real-time, weight-based controls. The Esatto is designed for precision; it can grind and dose the exact amount of coffee programmed by the user, with a minuscule 0.2-gram margin of error. The Esatto is an economical option for coffee and espresso enthusiasts wishing to upgrade their existing Baratza grinder. This grinder accessory is the 2011 Winner of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) Best New Product Award for the Coffee and Tea Preparation & Serving Equipment (Consumer) Category.

Retrofitting the Maestro Plus, Preciso or Virtuoso is easy with the Baratza Esatto. Simply remove the rubber feet on the bottom of your grinder and unscrew the back of the Esatto. Wind the power cord up and tuck it beneath the grinder, only a small portion of the cord should be left exposed. Your grinder should now slide neatly into the Esatto's base. The grinder’s power cord plugs right into the Esatto and the back of the base can be screwed back in place for a snug fit.

The Esatto comes with a dial lock that holds the grinder’s timer dial in place, to make sure that the grinder is always “on.” Controls on the Esatto attachment, however, will actually dictate whether or not the grinder is running.

The front panel of the Esatto features straightforward push-button controls. There are three weight presets that can be individually programmed to produce the desired amount of coffee. You can adjust the grind weight using the up and down buttons located next to the digital display screen. The grind weight can be adjusted in 0.1-gram increments.

The Esatto comes with an anti-static, food-grade ABS plastic bin to store your ground coffee. This tinted container should replace your grinder’s ground-coffee bin. It is slightly smaller than standard Baratza coffee containers to rest on top of the Esatto’s weight sensor for accurate, real-time measurements. 



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