Ethiopia Sidama Natural

Single Origin

Te Aro

This is the coffee you have been waiting for. If you hear coffee snobs and nerds wax poetic about all these aromas and flavours emanating from their cups and have no idea what they mean because all you can smell and taste is coffee, then this fully naturally-processed bean from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia is for you. There are unmissable, intense, over-the-top aromas of blueberry and apricot that linger and envelop your palate as you drink. The buttery body moderates the acidity and perfectly compliments the sweet fruitiness and chocolate that carries all the way into the finish and long after. This is a coffee you could have for breakfast with a heaping pile of blueberry buttermilk pancakes; you could almost use it in place of maple syrup it so sweet.

This coffee was subject to extra attention during harvesting and processing in order to achieve this level of quality. Only the ripest cherries were hand picked and then they were put on raised beds to dry the same day. They were then moved every two hours to ensure even drying for the next 15-17 days. After hulling and just prior to export they are subject to extra sorting to further increase quality.


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